Imagine that you are the only person on the planet.

You are Adam without Eve… OR….Eve without Adam.

To some that might seem to be A-OK.

No one to yell at you…. or tell you that you are wrong.

No one to tell you what to do.

Freedom to go wherever you want…whenever you want.

Sleep in ? …no problem.

Stay in bed all day? …go for it.

BUT…Wait a minute !

That would also mean NO movies… TV… pizzas… automobiles…children…football…conversations (except with yourself)… jobs… money… hair stylists… politics…partners (of any kind)... sex (with certain exceptions) and basically, the reality of life itself as we know it.

To live life as we know it …means being with… and managing people… as well as ourselves.

Think about it. Just about everything we do involves people.

The Random Thoughts of Gold by Lou Goldstein enables you to not only understand this…. it will also help you deal with it. You will learn who people are …and then…what to do with them.

You will be shown all aspects about people relationships…running the gamut from improving your social communication skills… enhancing your business negotiations abilities... strengthening your family interrelationships… increasing your abilities to impress others… and in general …to help you become a more effective… confident and happier person.

You will be given secrets showing you how to turn an argument … where nobody wins…into a discussion…where you might find some common ground and come to a meeting of the minds. will point out how you can recognize scams…and how to avoid being victimized by one.

You will grasp the understanding of how to deal with irrational people...and when to walk away.

Increase your ability to solve problems …rather than worry about them.
Find out how you can develop a personality that will attract success…and help you be a person that other people will have confidence in… and want to talk to.

All of this is accomplished in a simple… easy to understand manner... and is written with a style that keeps you entertained while you are learning.

At the Random Thoughts of Gold website you will also discover the unique and wonderful world of  Hummerdingers….those clever conversational tidbits that will let you stand out in any conversation  about any subject…even if you don’t know much about the subject. You just have to see this for yourself. 

The Random Thoughts of Gold website challenges you with trivia quizzes that will broaden your knowledge about facts and things you never knew. There is much more…including a veritable treasure chest of entertaining items that will bring laughter and humor to you in a variety of ways.

The Random Thoughts of Gold website is kept refreshingly new and fresh … due to the new postings that occur on a regular basis.

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